Factors Of Consideration For Selecting A Web Hosting Site For E Commerce

The benefits of the e-commerce, has outweighed the benefits of physical retail stores. The low investment and maintenance costs, has attracted a lot of individuals and business firms, towards e-commerce. Understanding the various factors, before finalizing a web hosting site, can help in effective decision making.

Type of hosting

The biggest decision, which an individual or a company has to make, is in terms of selecting the type of hosts. There are various types of hosting services, available in the market. Shared hosting, dedicated hosting and co-location hosting are the few famous types of hosting options, available in the market.

Selection of the right type of host is really important. For big e-commerce sites, dedicated hosting or co-location hosting is really important. It enables better maintenance and security, for the e-commerce websites. For small and newly established e-commerce websites, the shared web hosting is extremely beneficial, as they are cheap.


It is important to note that, only reputed sites tend to provide the web hosting services to the e-commerce websites. Other local web hosting sites may not have enough resources and caliber to facilitate good services to the e-commerce websites. Thus, it becomes extremely important for an individual, to consider the reputation over the other factors.

Customer care

An e-commerce website heavily relies on the customer services. Good web hosting sites, hosting e-commerce websites, facilitate a customer care facility, which not only solves the queries of the users but, also provides them blogging tips, e-commerce website running and managing ideas, advertising and selection tips, etc. This simplifies the process and educates the user about various opportunities and threats.

Band width

The amount of data, which can be used by the user in a particular span of time, is known as band width. It is important for an e-commerce site, to use the services of unlimited band width offering web hosting sites. A lot of pictures and data are displayed on an e-commerce website. Thus, to load the website quickly and to prevent inconvenience to the users, it is important that, the band width is really high and close to unlimited.

Disk space

The disk space is an important consideration, for an e-commerce website. The e-commerce website deals with placing a lot of product images and providing the features and specifications of the products. This involves huge disk space. The products keep on growing in number and hence, it is really important to consider a good web hosting site, which provides unlimited disk space.

Cloud storage

The cloud storage service can help in minimizing the storage cost, for running of the e-commerce site. This service also makes it easy, to fetch and store the information on the e-commerce site. This saves a lot of processing time, which can allow quick updating of products on the e-commerce website.

Low uptime duration

It is important to select a web hosting site, which has extremely low uptime duration. Uptime duration suggests the time taken for a web hosting site, to restart its operations in case of server crash or other uncertainties.

The e-commerce websites cannot compromise on the uptime duration. They have to select the best web hosting sites, which facilitate low uptime duration. The e-commerce sites heavily rely on customer and sales. Thus, they cannot afford to miss a single customer online.

Cost and maintenance charges

The cost and maintenance charges are also important, because the profit margins are diminished, in case of high setting up and maintenance costs. The costs are generally charged in the form of rentals, which include all sorts of charges, except the domain name cost. It is important to select a web hosting site, which facilitates good services at reasonable rentals.

Importance Of Selecting A Specialized E Commerce Web Hosting Services

There are many web hosting sites offering their services to various types of ventures. There are certain specialized sites, which are completely dedicated to facilitating the web hosting services, to only the e-commerce sites. These web hosting sites are extremely important and should be given preference, over other sites, which offer web hosting for multiple types of online ventures.

Studying the advantages of the specialized e-commerce web hosting sites, helps us consider them, over other web hosts for e-commerce web hosting.

Easy customization

Since, the specialized web hosting site focuses only on the e-commerce sites; it is quite easy to avail customized services from them. It might be difficult to avail the same from other web hosting sites, as the features and offerings may be largely general and might not actually be appropriate, for an e-commerce site. The specialized e-commerce sites understand the e-commerce requirements and facilitate the same, with easy customization.

Tips and guidance

These specialized e-commerce web hosting sites; not only guide the individuals with respect to the purchase options of the site but, also guide them with various tips and advices, with respect to the running of e-commerce websites, functioning, advertisements, etc. These tips and guidance are really essential and help in smooth functioning of the e-commerce site.

Email Facility Offered By The Web Hosting Sites For E Commerce Sites

The e-mail facility is extremely important for the e-commerce websites. The e-mail facility means providing the e-commerce websites, with the facility of e-mail, attached with the domain name of their website. It also facilitates easy communication amongst the employees of the e-commerce site. It makes the e-mail a bit more professional.

This facility has various advantages to the e-commerce site. Listing down the advantages, will help us in availing this, not so popular service, from the web hosting sites.


It is important to use the e-mail ids, with the domain name, in order to facilitate the identification, in the minds of the customers. By looking at the e-mail id of the sender, they authenticate the validity of the e-mail. In the modern world, where spamming and fraudulent e-mailing is quite common, it is important to avail the services of an e-mail id, which cannot be duplicated or manipulated.

Promotion and advertisements

We often tend to handle the complaints and grievances of our customers, through our e-mail id. This ensures an indirect promotion of our e-commerce website. The name is publicized, by using the e-commerce domain name, in the e-mail ids. While sending promotional e-mails and offers, users are triggered with a sense of remembrance, towards the e-commerce site name.

Process Of Selecting Best E Commerce Hosting Sites

The e-commerce industry has bloomed in the recent times. The e-commerce hosting sites have also grown, in order to facilitate services to developing e-commerce. Thus, it becomes important to realize, the step by step process, to facilitate in selection of an efficient web hosting site.

Collect e-commerce hosting sites

The first step is to collect the details of the e-commerce sites, based on the Google search or local search engines. This helps in ascertaining a good number of reliable e-commerce hosting sites.

Short listing

The next step is to shortlist the web hosting sites, into a fewer number, by evaluating them on various criterions. The reputation, history, services, customer care, features, cost, etc, could be some of the evaluation scales, for short listing the e-commerce hosting sites.


After short listing the number of e-commerce hosting sites, it is important to select the best one, from them. It is important to consider additional factors of evaluation, at this stage. Considering reviews and feedbacks on blogs and similar websites, which offer true and correct information, with respect to such sites should be considered.


It is important to select the right package or plan, before purchasing the services of the e-commerce hosting sites. Careful evaluation of the listed rental packs, before purchase, can help in right selection.

Important Elements For E Commerce Web Hosting

E-commerce web hosting is quite different, compared to other forms of web hosting. There are some elements, which are quite necessary for the e-commerce sites, which may not be of so much importance for the other sites. Understanding these important elements, helps us give weight age to them, while selecting the web host for an e-commerce site.

Analytics tool

Analytics is a really important tool, which helps in analyzing valuable data, for an e-commerce website. A website always wants to know detailed information, about the total traffic, repeated visitors, leads (visitors from the affiliate sites), conversion rate, etc. Analysis of these details helps in realizing the effect of the promotional campaigns and the overall growth of the website.

Cart option

The option of cart is an innovative option, which has begun recently in the e-commerce web hosting. Just like we keep all our items in a cart, when we buy them in a physical retail store, the e-commerce sites or the online retail sites, also facilitate the same utility to their users. People nowadays, buy multiple items at a stroke and it becomes important to facilitate them with a cart, in order to help easy listing of the purchased items.


The navigation, with respect to the e-commerce site should be extremely smooth. Smooth navigation is a convenience factor, for the e-commerce users. The e-commerce customers tend to enjoy the smooth navigation. The navigation also includes product category listing. Proper and attractive listing of the product categories; attracts the e-commerce site users.


E-commerce website involves electronic modes of payments. It is important to avail services from a server, which is highly secured for multiple online payment options. The web hosts should facilitate acceptance of payments, from multiple modes like credit/debit cards, PayPal, etc. They should be provided with secure socket layers, to build trust with the online payments, in the minds of the customers.

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